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Scout Island Scream Park Halloween Festival is a unique, immersive experience that evolves each Fall. This Family Fun Festival opens around lunch time on the weekends between late September and early November with Festival music, food, entertainment, carnival rides, hay ride, and featuring a very unique Kid Zone! And as night falls, Scream Park evolves into a dark carnival of unusual monsters, amazing illusions, stunning special FX, unique and original costumes, makeup, animations and frightening detail created by the artists of The Mortuary Haunted Mansion. Only the courageous will survive the intense encounters with these infamous creatures of the night.


And now… without further ado… The Attractions!


Featuring some of today’s most popular thrill rides, spectacular sights, major rides, midway games and attractions!




THE KID ZONE: is an area for families to bring kids to celebrate Halloween Festival Fun. Guests can board one of our old fashioned tractor-pulled hay wagons for an adventure through the wooded swamp perimeter. Hang out and have fun with arts & crafts, a Haunted Mansion bounce house, Kid Carnival Rides, and kid focused magical entertainment featuring The BOOGIE SPOOKATULAR… a cartoon based animated musical adventure! 


Make your way through multiple night time Fright Zones where creatures lurk around every turn. Taking your breath away with startle surprises as you walk between attractions, Fright Zones are essentially outdoor haunted houses set up in open areas around Scout Island with themed actors free roaming the area. The “oversized” outside aspects of some Fright Zones often make them as thrilling as the average haunted house. This is particularly true for guests that like to watch other people scream their heads off!

MY BLOODY HOMECOMING FRIGHT ZONE: The year is 1957 and it’s Angelville High’s Homecoming. The team celebrates with a Greasers vs Jocks parade gone very wrong.  As night descended, so did the other team… They’re Vampires! It’s the first area guests experience when entering the Scream Park! And don’t forget to check out what’s playing at VAMPIES DRIVE-IN THEATER!



THE COVEN FRIGHT ZONE: Halloween’s origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. This ancient Pagan Witchcraft festival of darkness blurred the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Around the turn of the 18th century, Countess Elizabeth Blair is said to have lured children to their doom drawing blood from them. She was probably the most prolific serial killer of all time, Blair is believed to have murdered 666 people, paying homage to her deity. She tortured and murdered young children she abducted. Legend has it she would bathe in their blood to maintain her youthful appearance. This earned her the nickname The Countess of Blood.

The Countess of Blood was hunted by townsfolk and accused of being a witch with the help of The Malleus Maleficarum. This book, known as the Hammer of Witches, was essentially a guide on how to identify, hunt and interrogate witches. Of course she was found guilty. The witch was put on public display and burned at the steak where it was said, she just WOULD NOT DIE!

Beware the Blood Countess, for she thirsts for fresh blood to return to her former youthful glory!

THE TEMPLE OF MEDUSA FRIGHT ZONE: Medusa was once a beautiful mortal and avowed priestess of Athena who was cursed after being abused and soiled by the sea god Poseidon. Athena punished her, turning Medusa into a hideous hag, making her hair into writhing snakes and her skin was turned a greenish hue. Anyone who looks into Medusa’s irresistible gaze is turned into stone… especially men. Cursed for all time, Medusa guards what was once Athena’s Temple that she now claims as her own.

THE KRAKEN PIRATE PUB AND MUSIC HALL with Craft Beer, Spirits, Great Music, and a giant KRAKEN! A dance floor is the centerpiece with a DJ or band playing your favorites party hits from the 70’s to today for special events and private parties! This outside area can be sectioned off for VIP private and/or corporate events. Ask for details to book your special event!



THE BALDERDASH BOUTIQUE: Senseless, stupid, or exaggerated nonsense. Now for something completely different… Live right before your eyes. The Amazing Morto, and his trusty companion Chim Chim at The Balderdash Boutique. Be enlightened with Morto’s words of wisdom from his travels around the globe. Witness his infinite knowledge with a wicked sense of humor. His silvery tong that can cut like a knife for those non-believers! But be warned…. Morto speaks the truth…. Like it or not!


THE OLD FASHION HAYRIDE! Climb aboard the Scout Island Hay Wagon and journey around the island perimeter along the outskirts of The Swamp Tour for a daytime non-scary fun time. You’ll have a chance to see some of the areas in the adjacent haunted attraction without the scares! The hayride is available on Saturdays and Sundays certain daytime hours.


The Boogie Spooktacular at Scout Island ScreamPark


THE BOOGIE SPOOKTAKULAR! Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls. Welcome to The Boogie Spooktakular! A spectacle of music, fun, and monster mayhem! Think of it as being surrounded in an immersive musical cartoon, Scooby-doo style… all in a Scare-Free fashion. Iconic monsters get their groove on and form a five-piece band, spook up the Halloween spirit with playful scares, and teach several addictive dance routines at The Boogie Spooktakular!


THE DEVILS SWAMP HAUNTED TERROR TOUR: DEEPER & DARKER – With with an old lantern in hand, guests enter through the mouth of a cavernous skull on foot into this dark swamp of the undead. Voodoo is a dark magic with the power to summon the dead. The legendary Devil’s Swamp is the gateway to the underworld where visitors have to find their way to escape this supernatural swamp.

Zombie Outbreak Laser Tag

ZOMBIE OUTBREAK BATTLEFIELD: APOCALYPSE is an interactive, live combat zombie themed undead shootout! It’s a live action, zombie survival experience thrusting guests into this apocalyptic world, shooting their way on a “fight or die” survival mission through the living-dead. Members of the team will use video-game-like, infrared military training replica weapons to clear the infected in an infested military base where the undead thrive. Then your team must venture out into the dark woods, clearing the surrounding area, before finishing your experience discovering the lab where the outbreak began. It’s a cutting edge haunted house experience on steroids, unlike anything you have experienced! Availability is limited so get in line early!

Pharaohs Fury Haunted House

There are worse things than Death! On Sept. 15, 1977, the City Park hosted his royal majesty of Ancient Egypt, Kung Tutankhamun. Though his reign was short, almost a million people had glimpsed his treasures, defying the ancient warnings. The curse of the pharaoh is cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of any pharaoh of ancient Egypt. Over forty years later, the mummy’s curse has finally descended upon City Park’s Scout Island to seek his revenge.

This Fall, the ancient Egyptian Temple of Anubis, the God of Death, has risen from the swampy depths of City Park’s lagoons to extract justice for disturbing Tut’s tomb. Explore the lost temple while avoiding life threatening traps and snares… Come Face-to-face with Snakes, Crocs, and The Living Dead… Defy the Mummy’s Curse if you dare in PHARAOH’S FURY! 

The doctor is not a servant of the people. He is a Picasso of blood. Known as Stitch, this dog-faced terrorist fancies himself an artist with a never-ending thirst for the kill. His greed of perfection drives him to remake flesh.

Step into his parlor… “People are flawed… I’m Stitch. I fix people. I’m a collector of sorts. I crave the best people have to offer. And I just can’t get enough. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are.“


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