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Boogie Spootacular

The Boogie Spooktacular at Scout Island ScreamPark

Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls. Welcome to The Boogie Spooktakular! A spectacle of music, fun, and monster mayhem!

It’s not a like haunted attraction where you follow a one-way path, it’s more like a hang out where the action is all around you! Think of it as being surrounded in an immersive musical cartoon, Scooby-doo style… all in a Scare-Free fashion.

Let’s meet the cast of Characters!


These iconic monsters get their groove on and form a five-piece band, spook up the Halloween spirit with playful scares, and teach several addictive dance routines at The Boogie Spooktakular!

Ghosts abound, flying all around. Talking pumpkins tell jokes while boogieing down. Witches Brew is there for you. It’s lots of fun with our skeleton crew!

Bring the whole family to dance and sing along in this animated Halloween adventure!

Boneyard Band


Face Painting!

Pumpkin Picking

Arts & Crafts!

Play Area!

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